Preparation for school

You can rely on our expertise:

We prepare your child in the best possible way for their entrance into school.

Education begins in the crèche, continues in the kindergarten, and is completed with school preparation.

We work with foresight!

Following the educational framework, we support your child in the crèche, continue this work in the kindergarten and complete it with the preparation for school entry in order to successfully prepare your child for the start of school.


Educational work = Social work

An important aspect of educational work is the social/emotional component. We give your child emotional security with trustworthy people in a safe environment.

Educational work = implementing the educational framework

The educational framework is a central element of our work. Every month we cover all areas of the educational framework both in the crèche and in the kindergarten:

  • Emotions and social relationships
  • Ethics and Society
  • Language and communication
  • Exercise and health
  • Aesthetics and design
  • Nature and technology

Promoting multilingualism

We are enhancing the area of « Language and Communication » with further offers to promote multilingualism.

In kindergarten, the acquisition of multiple languages is continued in language-specific groups as well as with the Polyglot Children program.

Preparation for school entry

At Kindervilla, your child begins the preparation for school with entry into kindergarten! Learning for school takes place with daily units:

  • Free-play
  • Morning circle
  • Movement
  • Concentration phase
  • Free-Play


Through this continuous learning structure, we create the best conditions for your child to successfully advance from kindergarten to school      

At this stage of development we pay attention to the overall personality development of your child

  •  social-emotional maturity
  • physical maturity
  • intellectual maturity
  • linguistic abilities