Zeit zum Wachsen
Time to grow

What could be better for children than growing up together in a strong network of friends? With us, your child learns together with their friends at Kindervilla and thus grows step by step.

Spielend Lernen
Learning through play

At Kindervilla, your child will learn in a child-friendly way! We offer your child emotionally positive and cognitive education as well as an educational environment with native speakers for natural language acquisition.

Ciao, Salut, Hello
Ciao, salut, hello

We are a multilingual team. Our native speakers offer educational opportunities in English, Italian and French. These begin in the crèche and are further developed in the kindergarten every day in a natural way.

Erkunden und Begreifen
Exploring and Understanding.

We make sure that your child can freely explore and understand the realms of nature and technology. We teach your child basic skills in natural history as well as basic mathematical understanding and logical thinking.

Wir haben was zu sagen
We have something to say

Hello Mom!
Hello Dad!
As you know, we little chatterboxes also have big things in store. Curious? Then just click on our blog.

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At the Kindervilla in Innsbruck’s Dreiheiligen district, children have lots of fun with their friends from all over the world. Here they learn and play bilingually or multilingually, are integrated into the diversity of the international Kindervilla community and experience respectful intercultural communication.
Quality childcare at the Kindervilla – since 25 years.

What makes us special

as an opportunity

In a globalized world and job market, multilingualism is of the highest value in the upbringing and education of children. Children at Kindervilla discover, play and learn in German, English, Italian and French. We rely on our many years of experience, a well-thought-out curriculum and the help of native speakers from all over the world.

Opening hours:
7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
daily Mon to Fri
Even during the holidays!

We know that for parents not only the quality of care is important, but also a time frame that fits their professional obligations. That’s why we also offer tailor-made individual care models as part of our extensive opening times: Together with you, we will find the time for your child to be cared for, tailored to the individual needs of your child and your family.

Nature experience

We also accompany and promote your child’s sense of discovery and have therefore chosen nature as an integral part of our work. Not only do we spend time on the Kindervilla playground in the courtyard, but we also go for a lot of walks and explore various playgrounds in our area. This range of outdoor activities includes various excursions and nature days. From the age of three, interested families can also register their child for the Bambini Training and Waldwichtel programs.

News from our blog

Our team comprises over 23 people from 9 nations

Learning languages naturally

Natürlich Sprachen lernen

Sprachen lernen mit Köpfchen kann kinderleicht sein! In puncto Mehrsprachigkeit haben wir 20 Jahre Erfahrung, ein gut durchdachtes Konzept sowie eine Lernstruktur für Kinder geschaffen, die sie kontinuierlich und natürlich beim Fremdsprachenerwerb fördert.

Wir starten bereits mit den jüngsten Kindern in der Kinderkrippe ganz basal in den Sprachen Englisch, Italienisch und Französisch – gemeinsam mit Native Speakern – und setzen diese Sprachlernförderung spezifisch im Kindergarten fort. Dort legen wir dann den Fokus darauf, eine Fremdsprache tagtäglich eingebunden in die Lebenswelt der Kinder immersiv zu vertiefen.

Mit der erfolgreichen Umsetzung unseres Projekts „Polyglot children“ haben wir einen weiteren Schritt gemacht. Dieses Projekt gilt als Wegweiser für computerunterstütztes Lernen von Sprachen im Vorschulalter und überzeugt samt Theorie und didaktischem Aufbau. Alle Infos dazu hier.

Learning languages naturally

Learning languages can be child’s play! In terms of multilingualism, we have over 20 years of experience, along with a well thought-out concept and a learning structure for children that encourages them to learn foreign languages through playtime.

We start with the youngest children in the group, integrating English, Italian and French alongside native speakers into the learning environment. We then continue this language learning support more thoroughly in kindergarten. Once in Kindergarten, we focus on immersively deepening the child’s foreign language knowledge day by day, integrated into the child’s routine.

With the successful implementation of the EU project “Polyglot”, we have taken another step. This project is considered a guide for computer-aided language learning in preschool age children and is respected in its theory and didactic structure. All information here.

Apprendre les langues naturellement

Apprendre des langues peut être un jeu d’enfant !
Avec un concept bien pensé, depuis 20 ans, nous accompagnons les enfants dans l’apprentissage des langues étrangères de manière continue et ludique.

À la crèche, les enfants commencent à découvrir de façon attrayante l’anglais, l’italien et le français, avec des locuteurs natifs.

L’apprentissage des langues continue ensuite à l’école maternelle. À ce stade, la langue étrangère est intégrée quotidiennement de manière immersive dans le monde des enfants.

Avec la mise en œuvre réussie du projet européen « Polyglot », nous avons franchi une nouvelle étape. Ce projet est considéré comme un guide d’apprentissage des langues assisté par ordinateur à l’âge préscolaire. Il convainc par sa théorie et sa structure didactique. Pour plus d’informations cliquer ici.

Imparare le lingue in modo naturale

Imparare le lingue può essere un gioco da ragazzi!
Nel campo del multilinguismo, abbiamo 20 anni di esperienza, un concetto ben ponderato e una struttura di apprendimento per bambini che favorisce l’acquisizione delle lingue straniere in modo continuo e ludico.

Un primo contatto con le lingue inglese, italiano e francese, insieme ai nostri insegnanti madrelingua, inizia già al nido per i bambini più piccoli e continua poi nella scuola materna.

Lì focalizziamo la nostra attenzione sullo sviluppo e approfondimento in modo continuato e quotidiano di una lingua straniera.
Con il successo ottenuto dalla realizzazione del progetto UE “Poliglotta“, abbiamo compiuto un altro passo in avanti. Questo progetto è visto come una guida per l’apprendimento delle lingue, supportato da computer, in età prescolare e convince per la sua teoria e struttura didattica.
Tutte le informazioni in merito le trovate qui.

Focusing on the needs of children

The primary needs of your child come first:
• Physical and mental well-being
• The harmony between playtime, learning and rest phases

Our pedagogical concept not only covers the primary and secondary level, but also takes into account the personality structure of your child.

Our two houses offer a lot of space


For older children from 3 to 6 years. Learn, play and have fun with Kindervilla friends from all over the world, including preparation for school.


Play, learn, and laugh with your Kindervilla friends from all over the world. For the younger children up to 3 years old.

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