Our educational concept

The basic needs of your child are our top priority.

We therefore focus on:

  • physical and mental well-being
  • a harmony between playing, learning and relaxation phases

This enables your child to build up a positive relationship with the educational staff, as the transition from the family to the childcare facility is based on trust.

Consideration of the needs structure, the primary and secondary educational levels and the personality structure

Needs at the primary level

  • food
  • exercise
  • regeneration
  • hygiene
  • well-being
  • and social relationships


Needs at the secondary level

We cover the needs of all areas of the educational framework plan of the Austrian Government and set educational accents with a special focus on

  • Communication/early multilingualism
  • Experience nature
  • Preparation for school entry


In addition, we take into account the personality of your child, especially in terms of

  • Age
  • Stage of development
  • Focuses/interests

We design an engaging system for your child that corresponds to the individual level of development as well as the interests and the child’s personality.

Training and work ethic of the Kindervilla team

Our pedagogically trained employees meet our educational goals through their collective experience and motivated work ethic as well as taking part in internal and external training every year.

Experience of nature

Children are naturally inquisitive from birth and carry a motivation to explore and understand the world around them.

We promote your child’s spirit of discovery and have chosen to accompany them on discovery through nature as an integral part of our work.

Exercise in nature is not only healthy, but also a lot of fun. Whether spring, summer, autumn, or winter, there is no bad weather for being outdoors, only poor preparation. With this in mind, we prepare according to the weather and say: “Hello nature, here we come!”

Not only do we spend time in our playground in the courtyard, but we also go for a lot of walks and explore various playgrounds in the area.

We continue this focus on physical activity in the kindergarten through various excursions. From the age of three, families can also register their child for the “Waldwichtel” program and “Football/Bambini Training”.

The Educational Framework Plan

The Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research is responsible for the educational framework plan for elementary educational institutions in Austria.

As part of this “BildungsRahmenPlan”, we cover all six areas of education every month in both the crèche and the kindergarten:

  • Emotions and social relationships: This deals with the topics of identity, trust, and well-being as well as cooperation and conflict solving.

  • Ethics and Society: The topics of values, diversity, inclusion as well as participation, and democracy are dealt with in this area of education.

  • Language and communication: This area of education deals with the topics of language and speech, verbal and non-verbal communication, literacy, and information and communication technologies.

In the field of language and communication, we exceed all requirements with our additional offers to promote multilingualism. Native speakers teach your child the languages: English, French and Italian, beginning in the crèche with the Polyglot Minis program. They then continue this work towards language acquisition in the kindergarten with the Polyglot Junior program.

  • Exercise and health: In this educational area, the topics of body and senses, movement and health awareness are taught.

For all families with children from the age of three, we also meet the requirements of this educational area thanks to our additional “Waldwichtel” and “Fußball/Bambinitraining” programs.

  • Aesthetics and design: In the implementation of this educational area, the children gain an understanding of culture and art and are given space for individual creative expression.

  • Nature and technology: This area of education covers the topics of nature and the environment as well as technology and mathematics in a child-friendly way.

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